Auto Loans EXPOSED! The struggle is real.

Written by: Lilly Cobal


In a generation where things are advancing much faster than one has ever see, the struggle becomes more widespread as well. This means that many couples, families, and individuals have been affected by it than it has been known since the beginning of time. When it comes to the struggle, one commonality among many is that they must take on auto loans in order to get a vehicle they truly deserve and want.

You could save money when it comes to your car payments by analyzing your options initially, refinancing your vehicle, or even by making your payments logical by not being stuck to just what makes them the most money at the car lot, which is usually what their suggested payment rates are anyways.

Either way, our goal is to you live a stress-free life while taking on the things that you desire, which surely, you’ve earned by now. You either currently work hard to get to where you have gotten today or you have done that for many years, leading you to the days where relaxation can finally be embraced without making any sacrifices on your end.

1. First things first, ensure you fully understand auto loans and your choices.

This is the most common method for buying a car today (as well as the 2nd biggest expense around American households of today), and it’s great for those who find the struggle to be as real as it gets while ensuring it doesn’t make them overspend. An auto loan can be provided by a car lot itself, financial institution, or individual lender offering a more privatized approach exclusive to a highly limited amount of people.

In most cases (unless you have excellent credit), you’ll be required to provide an initial down payment to prove your financial commitment to paying the vehicle off. You’ll also be charged a set interest rate for the term of your loan, until it is paid in full.

2. Know what it takes to win. Develop a plan that gets you to victory lane.

You can’t blindly get to success, and this has been proven time and time again when the repo man showed up to take the car. So, don’t let yourself become just another statistic. Instead, pool all your financial resources together (savings, investments, and other assets) together to see what can be used to fund your new set of wheels.

Once you have an idea of where to start from, the rest of the steps which you’ll find from here on out, will be a cakewalk. You will also have developed a set budget for your auto purchase which will let you know exactly where your boundaries sit.

3. Minimize how long you pay on your car, where it is possible for you to achieve.

In order to ensure this makes a significant impact on paying off your auto loan quicker than if you were to follow the recommended payment schedule set forth by your lender. You are your best ally when it comes to preserving your financial security and ensuring you have a prosperous future. The best way to figure out which way is best to accomplish it depends on your situation.

One of the common methods is to add a week on top of your weekly payment every other week which equates to giving you 1 year of extra payments every 2 years. If you can’t do that, just make extra payments when you get an abundance of funds and can afford to do so (such as tax time, your birthday, or when you get a bonus from work). Everything adds up in the end and you will be grateful for the extra you do pay when you find yourself fully paid off before expected.

4. Sometimes you must settle for less than you want to. Only temporarily though.

You probably didn’t want to hear this right now, but it’s the truth. Sometimes you just must put your head down to the grindstone and do things that aren’t the most ideal to you at the current time in your life. This doesn’t last a lifetime though.

If you must start out with less than what you expect, it’s worth it to reduce the stress if it helps you see a more prosperous future than current days have allowed for. There are times where one’s credit score or income prevents them from getting that big flashy car, they had their heart set on and they must settle for something that’s a little lower on the price scale.

Just think of it like a steppingstone for where you really want to see yourself at. You never know, it might open more doors to opportunity than you think was possible. The best way to treat it is that is serves as the foundation to build upon for a more enlightening future.

5. The internet changed how things get done while delivering fresh opportunities.

From being able to shop for cars online to making sure you’re educated during the whole car buying process with the freshest opportunities, modern tech has you covered. It’s also one advantage you’ll want to embrace rather than to let it become nothing but a memory.

Check out what the average auto loan interest rates are as well as what is expensive as well as what’s more along the lines of normal within your local community. By doing this, you’ll make sure you not only don’t get ripped off with high prices but that you will also be paying a rate that is known to drive effectiveness and consistency,

Here’s what it boils down to. Is there any hope when it comes to surviving auto loans?

The adage “mind over matter” is especially evident when it comes to financing a vehicle to keep you on the move and where you need to be. Just be logical, pay extra wherever possible, and embrace other avenues that can get you paid off the quickest. That’s all there is to it.


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Auto Loans EXPOSED! The struggle is real.

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