Be Your Own Boss: Authorized Ways of Self Employment

Written by: Lilly Cobal


For most of people, it is really difficult to do a job under someone? Do you consider it is not possible for you to work for fixed hours? Or you want to pursue your passion and use your skills? If yes then you should be self-employed.

A self-employed person does not work for a particular employer. They work on contract base. They are their own boss. Or they can work when they want. There are some self-employment ways which you can adapt according to your skills.

Ideas of Self Employment:

  1. Deliver Grocery:

Now a day people are too much busy in their activities. They have no time for doing their home chores like grocery shopping. So you can make money after providing them with this service. Now with the help of the internet, it is quite easy to run this business. People can text or email you for their order. And after getting the order you have to deliver it. You can take payment by online method or by hand when you deliver the order.

  1. Taxi Driver

A few years ago who know that with an app, you can become a taxi driver. You can work on your own time. When you have spare time you can run your own business. Bu now with the taxi driving services such as Uber you can make money as much as you work according to your own choice.

  1. Child Care Taker

Many people are doing a full-time job outside the home. They have no time to look after their child. By the passage of time, the demand for child care has increased. You can provide them with the child care services at their home or you can even open a daycare center.

  1. Social Media Consultant

If you are spending most of your time on social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat or any other. Then you can find the clients who need a social media consultant. You can start this business if you know about how to promote products or events by using social media.

  1. Interior Decoration

A lot of people know which style they want for their home. But they don’t know how to manage the skill or vision altogether. If you have skills of decorating home then interior designing is the best career or you. You may use your skills for decorating and renovating home. You can promote your business by online portfolio and can ask request your clients to give reviews at your site.

  1. Web Developer

Everybody wants to have their own business or promotional website. But they don’t know how to make it. If you have a skill of developing a perfect website by understanding the demand of your customer then you can become a self employee easily. Your business will more be developed if your clients increase. You can sell your skill at any freelancing website.

  1. Resume Writing

If you think that you can be a good resume writer then you can become the best self employee without any issue. Even if you don’t know then you can learn it from online resources. In this field, you will find many customers who don’t know how to construct a resume. You may write a resume for them for making money.

  1. Video Production

With the arrival of YouTube, a video industry has developed. If you like to make videos then you can sell your services to the public. You can make your official channel to upload your videos. Forgetting viewers the content of the video should be good and informative.

  1. Blogger

Do you have a passion for something and you can write about it. If yes then you can turn your passion into your business. You can start your own blog. Each year many blogs come and go. But the informative blog can make the audience stick with it. You can sell your products or services by your blog.

  1. Tutor

Online teaching is popular nowadays. You can teach the academic courses in which you have specialization. If you can sing or play the instruments then you can become a music teacher. Even if you are an expert in the English language then you can teach spoken English. Because most of the immigrants don’t know how to speak English. This is a great opportunity to earn money by teaching them.

  1. Writer

If you are a creative and good writer then you should start witting articles, T.V. scripts, novels or short stories. If the quality of the content is good then you will get more clients as well as popularity.

  1. Coach

A coach gives advice on personal finance, hobbies, social activities, and motivation. Your jobs provide a well-balanced and successful life for your clients. You can turn this job in any direction where you want.

  1. Event Organizer

There are a lot of events which people celebrate each year. Whether it is an official party or wedding people really want to manage it in a good manner. But they have no time to design a venue, invitation or food. So for this purpose, they hire an event organizer. If you have an ability to organize and manage an event then you should start your career with it.

You can organize their event if you think that you have event management skill. If you have experienced it before then it will be easier for you.

  1. Voice Over Work

Do you have a unique voice or have a talent of molding your voice. With this talent, you can go into voice-over work. Finding work on commercial and movie will be easy for you. You can make a large amount of money if you pursue this profession.

  1. Sell-Arts And Crafts:

If you are pretty good at arts and crafts and can make wonderful products. Then you can be able to begin your business. As much as your product is rare and high quality, they attracted the customers. If you want to become successful and increase the importance of your products then you have to set up your profile efficiently. If you are able to do that then you should make better items or things.

  1. Exercise Class

People are busy in their daily routine. They have no time to do proper exercise. For this purpose, they need the motivation to get out of their beds. After a long time that they spend in the office, they know that exercise is really important for their health. So, if you are an energetic and a self-motivated person then you should use your skills that can help people to achieve their goals.

Keep in mind that the above-mentioned ways of self-employment are just the beginning. If you develop your skills by moving in the right way. Then you will find more opportunities around you. When you are self-employed then you are responsible for personal finance.


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