Doing Some Improvement Projects To Bring Up Your Property Value

Written by: April Lunar


When you make the decision to become a homeowner, you have a tremendous amount of responsibility on your hands. It’s not just about paying the mortgage and homeowner’s insurance, you also have to have to deal with repairs and updates that come along. When you look at your home, it’s clear that there needs to be some improvements made if you are thinking of selling it down the road. You want the house to not only look fabulous, but the property value needs to go up. There are a few things you can do to make that happen. You may have to space it all out for the sake of money, but they are well worth it in the long run. These ideas will go a long way in getting you top dollar for your home should you decide to sell it. 

1. Get A New Garage Door

The traditional white garage door that goes up and down happens to be the norm, and some people are sick of it. If you happen to have an expanded garage, why not consider getting the wood grain doors or another color door that would match your home. You can even go so far as to change the tracking for the doors. Instead of them going the usual up and down motion, why not have them part in the middle and move to each side. You can also get them to open outward. It would just be nice to try something unique for a change that your neighbors are not doing. Having a nice different color garage that is well insulated and energy efficient will definitely bring up the value of your home. 

2. Putting Shingles On Your Roof

At some point, you are going to have to deal with your roof. It’s going to leak or cave in from a branch due to stormy conditions. With that being the case, get some shingles. You want to talk about keeping your cooking and gesturing costs down, shingles will do just that. They are thinking and can withstand any type of weather. Plus, you don’t need to do a whole of maintenance on them. All it takes is your water hose to wash them down. Shingles are strong and will last for at least 50 years or more before being replaced. You can get them in different colors and the thicker they are the better they become at protecting your home from wind damage. If it snows, well the icy precipitation falls right off. They do add a modern look to our home which brings up the property value. 

3. Put In Brand New Doors

Changing out your doors outside and inside your home will give your home a beautiful appearance. You can get some combination wood frame and glass doors that are so beautiful. They can even come double if your front doors are that way. You can do a nice combination on the back door such as having all glass with a wooden trim or a wooden door with a glass window combination. The other doors on the inside of the house can come with a nice pattern with different doorknob designs. Having doors will not only increase the property value but just give your home a sense of maturity and sophistication. 

4. Replacing Your Flooring

This one is the most polite out of them all. Because there are people who simply either love all wooden floors or wooden floors with plush carpet in certain rooms. You can have it either way. You can always just replace the carpet with something softer. Hardwoods are good but there has to be some upkeep in order for them to stay high in property one. There are several ideas that you can use such as putting wood in some places along with marble tile in the other. Marble tile is good in places like the bathrooms and kitchen area. If you decide to just through your home with nothing but hardwood floors. I wouldn’t blame you. This is really going to add value to your home in a big way. There are different types of hardwood that will most likely increase the value of your home.

5. Remodeling The Kitchen

Remodeling the kitchen is going to be adventurous. There is so much you can do here to give your kitchen a complete makeover. The kitchen cabinets and countertops can go from being a solid color to granite. There could be an installation of matching countertops to go with them. You can do a light or dark brown and add glass windows with wood trim to display your nice plates and bowls. The sink could be replaced with something nice and elegant with a faucet to match. You can go with stainless steel appliances all the way around with a built electric smooth top stove under a stainless steel overhead. You can add wood tile to the floor or marble. Painting is another good idea if you can go with wallpaper. Whatever you decide to do to the kitchen it is bringing the value of the home. 

6. Remodeling The Bathrooms

If you are tired of looking at your bathroom the way it is, why not get it remodeled? How about remodeling all of them to bring up the value of the home? Each bathroom has its own unique style so you don’t have to have a copy cat bathroom. You would have to go to a remodeling store and pick up some very dainty faucet fixtures for the sink and bathtub. You can even change out the tubs themselves. 

As you can see there are many things you can do to add more value to your home. Once your neighbors need the changes you are making, that will prompt them to do the same. This will increase the value of the entire neighborhood as a whole. Look around your home now for the improvements that need to be made. 


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