Environmental Protection And Safety Is Vital To All Life Forms

Written by: Lilly Cobal


People have become more environmentally conscious over the last two to three decades. Safeguarding the things that matter so much has much to do with the natural surroundings, and all of the earth’s resources. From the ocean waters to what goes in the air, the environment constitutes life’s essentials throughout the world. Taking care of the environment is something that everyone should strive to do on a daily basis. Something simple like putting garbage and trash in the proper receptacles could do a lot to help reduce pollution in the air as well as avoid the unsightliness of trash strewn all over the streets.

Helping to protect the air that you breathe

Air quality is very important especially for those who have breathing problems like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, emphysema, asthma, and other lung problems. Scientists and researchers have a way of determining when the air quality is at a level that it will affect even those who may not have problems with their breathing. The air quality alerts have helped many people to protect themselves by staying inside when this happens. There are many factors in the environment that impacts the air quality. Chemicals that are released into the air from various plants and refineries contribute a lot to the environment. Faulty sewage lines allow odors and fumes to escape into the air that you breathe. Any type of trash or junk lying out in the rain can cause unclean and not so fresh air. Whether it is old cars, furniture, paper products, or old lumber lying around, it will affect the environment. Home air conditioning units and furnaces can emit dangerous gases into the air if they are not properly cleaned and maintained. A clean air environment is very important, and essential, to the safety of health and well being of every human and animal life on the earth. Everyone can do a part in keeping the environment and air quality clean.

Keeping water resources clean

No one wants to go to the beach and see brown water with trash floating on top. This is what happens to the water environment when people are not working together to preserve the water resources. Much of the water that you drink comes from resevoirs that are connected to the basic waterways which are the oceans and rivers. This could eventually ruin the environment if this is allowed to continue without the millions of people who are working behind the scenes to make it better. Some of the finest minds in the world are informing people all over as to what should be done to protect the environmental waters, and keep them safe for people and all of the different species of fish that are so necessary in many ways. If the water is not kept safe, some of the seafood that humans consume will no longer be available. People do not think of this when they throw that plastic container or bottle into the water. Many of the world’s oceans are contaminated with fecal matter which harms the environment as well as make many beaches unsafe for swimming. Preserving the environment of the water is just as vital as the air.

Looking around at the environment

Sometimes you can look around the different neighborhoods in a city and see where the environment is being taken care of or neglected. People will carelessly throw debris from passing cars into the streets, or the residents of a community will do the same. Looking around at the mess that others make can be disturbing to those who actually care about the environment. The majority of people are grateful that now manufacturers are making products that are environment friendly. Much of what is used on a daily basis is biodegradable. This means that it will not harm the environment. These products can be beneficial to the soil and the air. Many volunteers will clean up the glass and other trash that people discard. Usually, you will see children and teens doing this on weekends in their effort to save the environment. Many items are recyclable, and you will find these containers throughout many cities and communities. It is a well known fact that if there is something wrong in the environment, it can be harmful to to the public. Keeping neighborhoods clean and free of unnecessary trash will greatly improve the overall environment for everyone.

Disasters hurt the environment

In cities where oil refineries are a major industry, the probability of chemical explosions are sometimes inevitable. An explosion at one of these refineries can cause a situation that could affect people for miles around. The smoke containing chemicals will fill the air, and people in the surrounding areas are told to shelter in place, not to go outside, and not to run their home air conditioners. Chemical explosions such as this harms the environment. The drinking water and the air quality can be affected. Another scenario of a disaster that harms the environment is the fires that cause destruction on the West Coast of the United States. What they do to the air and water is as devastating as the chemical explosions in other areas. After such horrific events, the environment is not safe for a period of time.

People are learning more about what the environment means to a healthy society. With the innovative advances in modern technologies, many strides have been made that can help assure environmental safety and purity. The public is fortunate to be able to get alerts on their televisions, smart phones, and other hand held devices. They know when disasters happen that could have an effect on the resources that they depend on. The media is is the reliable source that keeps everyone updated on environment changes whether good or bad. The environment encompasses everything that is vital to life. Some health issues are caused by various elements and other components in the environment. It is essential to understand some of the things that can affect the environment.


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