Old Age Can Be A New Beginning To Look Forward To

Written by: Samuel Gregoth


The term old age has different meaning to different people. Some view it as as time nearing the end of the life cycle, and others view it as a new beginning, a time to do many of the things that they did not do when younger. Old age is referred to by many other names that include older adults, elderly adults, senior citizens, old people, seniors, and elders. These names are used in various cultures throughout the world. Many people approaching old age look forward to it. This is the time that they can retire from all of the stresses of work, and caring for a family. It is also looked upon as a time that health conditions become more prevalent.

Once a person reaches a certain age they become susceptible to many age related illnesses and disorders. They visit the doctor more frequently, and are bombarded with medications to reduce symptoms of certain diseases. Aging brings about many weaknesses within the body. Some older adults suffer from brittle bones and joints, and are managing arthritis and other bone related ailments. The cardiovascular system may not be as strong as it used to be, so concerns about heart disease becomes an issue. The blood pressure may rise due to aging, so medication is needed to control it. Diabetes, which is not necessarily an aging disease, but is more common in the elderly.

With old age comes the need for a lifestyle change. Older people need to stay active, and eat a healthy diet. They should become involved with groups of their peers to enjoy physical activities to help prolong their life. Seniors should adopt a regimen of daily exercise, or physical activity. If the older adult is mobile and ambulatory, taking a regular walk around the neighborhood is a great way to get the physical aspect of their new life off to a good start. If they had hobbies, or enjoyed certain activities before, they should be encouraged to continue with them. Inactivity can cause deterioration of the body and the mind.

Old age could also be a time of wonder and adventure. Older adults who have always enjoyed a vibrant social life would have no problems bringing this into their golden years. Traveling is an activity that can be enjoyed at any age, but doing it as an older adult can have special meaning. Whether it is taking trips with the family and grand children, or going with a social group, or just with a companion, this is a fantastic way to spend the older years of life. There are many senior centers that provide the opportunity for those who have reached old age to take trips out of the city or state. Sometimes the trips are sponsored by charity organizations with an interest in the quality of life of senior citizens.

Old age is the perfect time for golfers who can now spend countless hours on the golf course. This is the dream of many working adults, to retire with plenty of time to play golf. Fishing is another activity that older adults enjoy. Both of these activities are good for the physical fitness of the older adult, and the peace of mind. Doing either of these gets the older adult out into the outdoors for fresh air and sunshine, both essential elements of good health. Perhaps the senior citizen likes to see things grow. Gardening is the ideal activity for the person with a green thumb. A vegetable or flower garden will provide a product for them to share with others, and most older adults love to give.

People who are embarking on old age would find it beneficial to start changing their dietary habits to include more healthful foods. They should avoid snack food like sweet treats, chips, and sugary drinks. More nutritious foods like protein rich lean meats, fish such as salmon and tuna for the Omega 3 nutrient, and nuts that contain good fatty acids. Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit are also diet necessities. Healthy foods can help certain diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, conditions with the heart, and the vitamins will help reduce the pain of arthritis and other ailments. Snacking on fresh vegetables like raw carrots and broccoli is better for people of all ages, but especially for people who have reached old age.

Old age is not always a time that people retire from paid employment. Older adults in good health have been known to work past the age of 75. Many retirees have taken part time and full time jobs that are not as demanding as their previous jobs. This allows them to maintain their independence, and feel useful. There are many jobs that do not discriminate because of age. If an older person feels as though they can work, they should be allowed to do so. This is very true of those in the corporate world, or certain entrepreneurs who remain on their job long after retirement age. The golden years are just that, golden and special.

There are some drawbacks to old age like the diseases and disorders that are know to occur with older adults. although some of the diseases can happen at other stages in life, old age is when they become more common. People who reach old age usually have limited regenerative abilities. Cognitive and neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s are mostly associated to people in the older demographic group. There is no cure for some of the ailments of old age, but modern advances in technology and scientific approaches have made it easier to manage many of the symptoms and syndromes. Medications also provide relief from many sicknesses and disorders. Old age is a revered time in life when people can reflect on what they have come through, and all that awaits ahead. It is a time to be respected, and admired because not every human does not have the advantage of reaching old age, a special time in life.


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Old Age Can Be A New Beginning To Look Forward To

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