Selling Solar Energy Can Increase Your Income Substantially

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Everyone needs energy to live. What do you think about it? For this reason, knowing how to sell solar power can be a way to increase your income substantially! There are still many questions about this type of business. Who to sell? To the government? To the neighbor? For a dealership? How does the generation of this type of energy work for commercialization?

This post, will explain all this, so that at the end of this reading you will know exactly how to enter this market and make money from it.

What does it mean to sell solar energy?

When you install a photovoltaic system on your property, you become a power producer. The first advantage is that your electricity consumption of the network will decrease considerably.

The second benefit is the possibility of you becoming an energy seller from the moment your system produces more than you use! This sale can be made to the Electric Company of your State.

Citizens who have an installed photovoltaic system may be just a consumer or may choose to market the surplus produced by their system. With this, the expectation is that the increase in the distribution of this generated energy causes the need for an investment in the expansion of transmission and distribution systems to be less and less. This fact will have a direct impact on the environmental issue, the technical losses and also the volume of load in the networks. In case, even after lowering the value of the sale in your energy bill, there is still plenty, the abatement continues to be made in the next billings.

Think that the amount you would pay on your electric bill could be used for other purposes, which will make all the difference in your budget.

Sales possibilities and potentials

The energy that your photovoltaic system produces, as we said above, has the possibility of being commercialized with the State Electricity Company. This sale represents a greater saving for the consumer who is making available the surplus of his production, and also for the State.

In addition, selling solar energy to the government is a major contribution to the environment. After all, solar energy is a type of clean energy as it does no harm to nature.

The sale works as follows: all that is left over from the production of a photovoltaic system is passed on to the grid of the utility and at night the energy is returned to meet the additional needs of the consumer / generator. We can therefore say that the network functions as a battery. We remind you that, even if there is credit receivable from the consumer, he is still obliged to pay a fee to have the network available.

This energy credit, valid for 60 months, is not convertible into cash, but can be used as a means of reducing the consumption of another unit or in the account of the following month.

Investment required to install the panel

Some factors directly influence the cost of installing the panel for solar power generation, such as:

  • The distance of the installation site, since the installer will have costs with displacement, which will be passed on to the client;
  • The height of the roof where the system will be installed and the difficulty of accessing the site. The more difficult the access, the more complicated the process of installing the panel, and may increase the security risks of the professionals who will perform the service;
  • The type of surface where the photovoltaic system will be installed. Clay tiles or very steep roofs, for example, require more skilled professionals to carry out panel installation. Metal roofs and slabs provide a much simpler and faster installation;
  • The conditions at the place of installation, as some older roofs can break easily, requiring the replacement of tiles and a more rigorous waterproofing;
  • The structure of the roof, since those that have their beams very spaced may need an adaptation in its structure before the installation of the panels. Already roofs that have metal beams will need special screws for the fixation of the photovoltaic system, as well as specific tools to perform the service.

Including the installation, the project, the homologation and all the necessary equipment of a solar energy generation system, the average price starts at around R $ 10,500.00 for a house with 2 people.

It may seem expensive at first, but if you stop to do the math, in the case of a residential property that spends $ 300 a month on the light bill, a savings of $ 3,600 will be generated by the end of the year. It means that in just 3 years, all the investment could be recovered.

The potential of the solar energy market

Solar energy is the energy of the future and the solar energy market in this area has been expanding a lot. This type of energy has come to stay and is already generating jobs and changing the panorama of the energy sector.

Hence, selling solar energy and making money out of it is easy. Opening a franchise requires a low cost and is a great option for extra income. The trend is only high for the demand for this type of product, which makes the franchisee also have the return on investment made in the deployment of the solar energy franchise quickly.


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