Technology and Its Role in Human Life

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In the twentieth century, authors presented that technology plays a significant role in the composition of human identity and nature. Here the question arises that what is technology? In simple words, the collections of tools, machines, and other things to facilitate the specific purpose are called technology. The use of technology was begun in a prehistoric age when the individual started the applications of bone tool and stone to perform many tasks. The invention of technologies like wheel discovery helps an individual to travel fast and also enables them to transport their food and other good with ease. In this article, we will discuss what the relationship between technology and human life is.

Definition technology

Technology may be defined as the application of scientific principles for functional purposes like in the industry. It is the branch of knowledge which deal with applied sciences and engineering. Technology is the equipment and machinery that is acquired by the utilization of scientific knowledge.

Depending on when the word “technology” has been used, it may define as the machines and tools which help a human being to solve any problems and do new and innovative things daily. Technology and human life have a direct relationship with each other.

Types of technology:

Since technology can be complicated as well as simple. Depending on its nature, technology has various kinds of technology. The detail of these types are given below:

- Mechanical technology:

Mechanical technology includes levers, belts, cams, wheels, engines, and gears, etc. The things that allow motion in one direction or turn to cause different types of movements are mechanical. The best technological advances in the history of human life are wheels that make human life comfortable and more relaxed.

- Manufacturing and industrial technology:

The technology that performs large-scale functions and has a goal of producing products on a large scale where the customers are not present directly are called manufacturing and industrial technology. For instance, you may be manufacture cars, buses, or generating electricity. With the help of mechanical robots, which is an advanced technology, you might be created cars very quickly without facing any difficulty.

- Electronic technology:

Electronic technology is the most popular and more useable form of technology. Automated technology is also known as electronics. The complex structure of technology that uses electric circuits for achieving the goal is known as electronic technology. The complexity of electric circuits may vary from device to device. Keep in your mind that anything that runs on electricity is known as electronic like dryers, MP3 players, washing machines, computers, televisions, and radios, etc.


- Information technology:

Nowadays, organizations rely on information technology for creating storing, exchanging, and processing data. Information technology includes many services and software programs that improve customer retention, increase security, and streamline communication. Companies generally used artificial intelligence to automate credit decisions, predict customer behavior, and turn the data into precious and valuable insights.

- Management technology:

Modern technology enables managers and business executives to work more effectively and efficiently by making better and reliable decisions. The database management system provides a systematic way to manage, retrieve, create, and update data by the users. It helps to organize and accessed the data or information when it’s necessary. There are many advanced features like data recovery, automated rollbacks, and activity auditing, which incorporate with the latest database system.

- Mobile technology:

Mobile technology is the latest and most popular form of technology. The easy portability if smartphones and tablets allow for the perfect communication and provide more exceptional ability to perform task anywhere. This technology can keep your daily project moving faster by giving you information and real-time updates for your offices and job site. With the help of mobile technology, user can easily access the latest plans revisions as well as report an issue to their project manager when they are far away from their living place.

Role of Technology and Human life:

The use of technology is increasing daily. We, as a human all depend on technology and used lots of new technology to accomplish specific ask in human life. New technology improves the better quality of human life. Without technology, life would be not so comfortable as it nowadays technology used today’s in many fields and makes the task easier.

- Use of technology in business:

Businesses can easily save lots of money by using modern technology to perform many tasks. When somebody compares the spending amount of money on hiring the individual to the performing job and provides him necessary training, it may be costly. But with the help of technology, a small business can deliver quality work with less human resources that equate less cost.

- Use of technology in communication:

In the past, letter writing was done when an individual wants to deliver their messages. Today technology makes communication easy and comfortable. You can quickly draft the business message and fax it or email it in few seconds. Technology had also made business meetings simple and enabled the partner to link with you without delaying your precious time. With video conferencing, you can meet and engage with partners directly.

- Use of technology in human relationships:

As world progress, people are more engaging with their career as well as work. Everyone is busy an have no time to find the connection. With the help of modern technology, people meet with new people as well as making a strong relationship between them. People use mobile phone apps to connect and meet with old and new friends. Social media networks like and played a  significant role in meeting old and new relationships.

- Use of technology in education:

Today, technology plays a vital role to change the education world. With the inventions of mobile apps and gadgets, its more accessible for students to learn lots of new things immediately. Nowadays, students can easily access the full library of an educational library through mobile ap or with the help of a small website on iPad or smartphone. Before this technology, students had to visit physical libraries to obtain information needed by them.


The article focuses on how technology and human life relate to one another. The use of technology is unmeasurable. It plays an essential role in many fields, like job creation, data management, and health care. The technology will change according to the demands of people as well as the market. It is an individual role to keep oneself up-to-date with trending technology.


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Technology and Its Role in Human Life

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