The Real Economic News You NEED To Hear

Written by: Seth Rogers


If you do not accept the fact that we are living in an economic world, then it might be best for you to read something else. The world runs because there are people who value things, and other people who are willing to pay that value with either time, or money. Because most people do not understand the world economy or how to make more money, they never take the time to research the topic. For that reason, in this article we will be discussing the topic of the real economic news you need to hear and may have never heard of before. 

When you turn on your television you will see one of two programs, one where the news reporter provides a negative outlook into the world and country’s economic state, and another where the reporter provides a positive outlook. So who is right? It depends on how you are looking at things, your perspective. If interest rates are falling, this could be good for people to purchase homes, but it will be bad for the banks who are getting less interest on their loans. If you are a person looking to purchase a home, then this is good news, but if you’re a large bank where a one percent drop in interest rates could make you go out of business, then this is very bad news. 

Now, nobody wants to listen to bad news and that is why I choose to ignore television as a whole because I want to be in control of what I put inside my mind. Needless to sat that it isn’t called “television programming” for anything. It is meant to persuade you to believe something, thus being programmed in a way that you can’t even understand. The good news is that if you follow some of the principles described in this article, you will be able to take control of your own mind and achieve whatever it is that you want, financially. 

It all starts with understanding the principle of wealth, of success. There’s a book out there worth trillions of dollars, which you can purchase for about $10. This book is called “Think and Grow Rich” and was written by the author Napoleon Hill. The reason we mention this as the first piece of economic news is because it is! For someone that has never heard of this book, it will be as if someone took the blind fold off of you and you find out that you were in a brightly lit room. Think and grow rich explains the following thirteen principles one must follow, in totality, in order to achieve success:

1. Desire
2. Faith
3. Auto-Suggestion
4. Specialized Knowledge
5. Imagination
6. Organized Planning
7. Decision
8. Persistence
9. Power of The Mastermind
10. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation
11. The Subconscious Mind
12. The Brain
13. The Sixth Sense

Like Napoleon Hill says, “whatever the mind can believe, the mind will achieve.” Henry Ford also said it a different way, “whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” What these two men understood were the 13 principles with the first one being that you have a desire. Do you have the desire to create a better economic status for yourself?Whatever it is that you desire, you can make happen. By having FAITH in yourself you begin to believe it is actually possible. Through AUTO-SUGGESTION you tell yourself again and again what you’re going to do and that you’re already that person. You then seek SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE in the area you are trying to be successful in. This can be books, courses, seminars, mentors, or specialists. 

Once you have followed the first four steps you will begin to use your IMAGINATION in ways you never thought about before. You will begin to mentally connect the dots on your plans and what you are learning and doing. With this imaginative state, you will create an ORGANIZED PLAN, which will become your map to get to where you want to go. You must then make the DECISION that this idea you have in your head will become reality no matter what. Once you’ve made the decision, it’s final, and you must have a high level of PERSISTENCE to get through the inevitable pit falls you will come aross in your journey. Here is where the POWER OF THE MASTERMIND and the MYSTERY OF SEX TRANSMUTATION come into play. 

You need a group of people whom you can meet with on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, that is aligned with your goals and original desire. They will keep you in check when things are not going well. It is also imperative that you have a partner, a sexual partner, with whom you can relieve stress and create a synergy of energies towards your goals via sexual energy. Finally, the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND can be programmed to remove all programming you have had since your childhood, and this happens via repetition and sometimes hypnosis, where you hypnotize yourself to truly believe you dream. You will need to understand that the BRAIN is a receiving and transmitting station that sends electrical signals out into the ether and can influence other minds. When you have been practicing all other twelve principles, you will have created or tapped into your SIXTH SENSE where you will no longer need to think, but will be intuitive as to your next steps. 


In conclusion, in this article we summarized the thirteen principles give to us by Napoleon Hill in his best-selling book, “Think and Grow Rich”. This is like the bible of business and success because it describes exactly how the millionaires and billionaires of the past made their fortunes. Napoleon Hill spent twenty years of his life interviewing, studying, and becoming close friends with people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and the Rockerfellers. He then dissected his studies and wrote the book which you should now order and read. 


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The Real Economic News You NEED To Hear

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