Exploring The Evolution Of The Smart Phone And How People Utilize It

Written by: Lilly Cobal

Smartphones have involved in many ways, and technology is pushing these devices in a completely new spectrum. There are a lot of consumers that have completely given up their computers because they are utilizing their smartphones to do most of their daily tasks. It has become a lot easier to multitask and check things off your to-do list if you have a smartphone. There has been a huge evolution in the way that these portable devices work, and that has allowed many people to depend on their smartphones for a number of different things.

Longer Battery Life

There was a time where smartphones were not going to last very long when it came to the battery life. Today these devices are being utilized for hours at a time without a need to recharge. This has given people a great amount of confidence in smartphones for playing videos and other things without a constant need for grabbing a power cable for these devices.

More Data

There seems to be an almost unlimited amount of data that is available for those that want to acquire smartphones. People have the ability to do more streaming for their entertainment because they are acquiring unlimited data plans. This gives them the chance to listen to music and watch movies without worrying about extremely high phone bills based on an overuse of data. This is another thing that has allowed more people to utilize their smart devices and put away bigger devices like desktops and laptops. Video conferencing for work-related purposes is also something that these larger data plans allow. It has changed the scope of what the smartphone can be utilized for.

Cloud Storage

People have also started to put more of their documents in the cloud. The days of carrying around portable hard drives or flash drives is coming to an end. More people are relying on the cloud because they have apps on their phones that they can utilize to pull up files that they have saved. Things that they may have worked on during the course of the day on the desktop can be shared with other users through files that are stored in the cloud. This can be done with a phone easily so it makes a lot of sense for people to embrace this type of technology. It changes the course of collaborations. There is no long drawn-out process with a ton of email messages with attachments. There were a lot of limitations on email messages in the past. Now that people have access to smartphones they have the ability to share documents through the cloud without going through an email format that may have a limited amount of files that can be shared based on the size of files. This has really put people in a place where they can appreciate the smartphone a lot more. 


The apps that are on the market have really made it easier for people to utilize smartphones on a regular basis. There are apps that are designed for playing games. People also have the ability to utilize apps to cast things to their televisions. For people that have various accounts that allow streaming the smartphone is one of the best devices that they could have. It allows them to explore a lot of different entertainment options. 

Smartphones Variety 

A lot of people that are using portable devices are also impressed by the great amount of variety that exists when it comes to smartphones. There are a ton of loyal iPhone users, but there are also a legion of Android fans as well. This is evident when it comes to all of the debate that people have about which design is better.

People that have become accustomed to loading their files through the iTunes platform and buying things from iTunes and the Apple store will easily agree that Apple makes the better product for smartphone users. People that want more freedom to transfer files directly from computers to their phones are going to benefit more from the Android. 

The iPhone is something that is easier to utilize. Even small children that do not know much about technology are still going to be able to you use an iPhone easily. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to work these devices, and this is why the iPhone concept has become so popular. It allows people to utilize smart technology even when they don’t have a strong technology background.

Android phones, however, are for people that are more technologically savvy. There is no need to jailbreak the Android smartphone because users already have access to the root of this device. They have the ability to download open source apps to these smart phones that are not compatible with iPhones. This gives Android users a completely different way to utilize a smartphone. 

Faster and Stronger 

The concept for smartphones started in the same way that a lot of computer technology started. There was very little memory, and the initial smartphones were very expensive. This was the same prototype for desktop computers that came with very little memory at high cost. Over time the smartphone has evolved much like the computer of today. People can get a lot of memory that allows them to store a ton of different games and entertainment apps. People have the ability to utilize smartphones to do a number of different things. It has become device that people utilize to communicate in a number of different ways.

In the early stages of the computer there were messenger applications and email systems that paved the way for electronic communication. With the smartphones and the evolution of this portable device technology people are increasing their communication through social media. Email is still available, but emails are used more so for the work environment. Family and friends tend to utilize social media to send instant messages and post family pictures that can be shared with multiple people at once. That’s a fair assessment to say that the smartphone has cultivated all of this.


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Exploring The Evolution Of The Smart Phone And...

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