Generate Extra Income At Home This Summer While Kids Are Out Of School

Written by: April Lunar

Stay-at-home parents already have a full time job of taking care of their children. Most families during the summer months occur more added costs with higher electricity bills, larger grocery bills with the kids being home all day, vacation costs, and just spending money trying to entertain their kids before school starts up again in the fall. Like a lot of families during this time, parents may be looking for some simple and easy ways to make some extra income at home even with their kids around all day. Listed below are several ways to earn a little extra income without sacrificing spending time the kids during the summer.Garage Sales And Consignment

Kids and even parents can accumulate a lot of stuff over time. With school being out for the summer, it generally means families have a lot of down time which is why summer is a great time to have kids go through their toys and clothing and discard both toys and clothing they have outgrown or don’t use. A garage sell at home is a great way to discard of these items and earn extra cash. Many garage sellers have pocketed a few hundred bucks in one day. Consignment shops are also on the rise and will buy back kids clothes, toys and baby gear. These are great for items in near perfect condition and popular brands. Again, this is another easy and great way to pocket some cash while uncluttering the home.


Tutoring is a great way to earn extra income and can simply be done at home while the other kids are either napping or maybe off at summer camp or vacation bible school. Sparing a few hours a week helping a kid read or do some math can easily pocket a couple hundred dollars. There are many online tutoring sites that will pay hourly and allow their tutors to pick their own hours and times. Word of mouth and advertising on social media is a great way to find clients as well.

Run Errands

Running errands for other families is another great option for stay-at-home parents to earn some money. Errand runners do all sorts of tasks from picking up groceries or simply running a kid from one activity to another. Summer time for parents who work can be stressful dealing with day care and activities that clash with their work schedules.

Give Your Opinion

A popular online money maker that many parents enjoy doing not only in the summer months, but year round is participating in online survey sites. There are many survey sites out there and dedicating an hour or so a day to a few of them can generate some extra income. These surveys can easily be done from home while kids are napping or watching a movie. Surveys can even be done on tablets, laptops, or phones while watching kids play at a park. Survey sites generally pay with electronic cash funds or gift cards to many places that can help supplement summer costs.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another great way to generate income while staying at home and caring for kids. There are many sites that are looking for article writers and offer writing jobs. Another fun way to make money writing is to start a blog and generate revenue from advertisements. Parenting blogs are very popular at the moment and can easily involve the kids in the blog topics. For example, writing about the top 10 playground parks in a city or kid friendly places to eat and trying out these places with the kids and allowing them to incorporate their opinion into the blog. Chances are these kid friendly places are being visited regularly during the summer anyways.

Child Care

Many parents struggle when school lets out to find affordable child care for their children during the summer months. Taking on just one or two kids during the week while their parents work can easily pocket several hundreds of dollars.

Market Your Craft Skills

There are many skills that can generate income. Sewing and clothes alterations is a great way to earn some extra cash from home. Bake some cookies and cupcakes and take them to the playground with the kids and sell them. While out and about running the kids places, take photos and sell them by simply installing one of many apps that buy photos for stock purposes.

Direct Selling

Direct sales companies are perfect for stay-at-home parents. During the summer months, parents are often sitting around and talking while their kids are off playing or doing an activity. This is a great time to promote a favorite skin care item or candle scent from a direct selling line you participate in. There are many different types of these companies that offer a broad range of items to peak any interest.


When school is out it can also mean other stay-at-home parents have down time. During this time they may be interested in learning a new skill or trying to work out more. Teachable skills can include anything from extreme couponing to nutrition and working out. Parents who have experience with these topics can easily put together a class that can be taught for a fee in your living room or even at a park.


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