How Businesses Can Adapt to the New World

Written by: Lilly Cobal

Busiensses trying to operate in today’s environment have a lot of challenges to overcome. One of the biggest of these is that there is an emphasis on green energy and sustainability. Here are some important things to think about for making businesses sustainable and how they can survive in the current environment.


One of the most important things to think about is how a business will look in comparison to its competitors when it comes to sustainability and green topics. This green wave is unlikely to die down any time soon. In fact, every factor indicates that it’s likely only going to get stronger. This is due to the fact that most of the countries of the world are interested in a few things related to green matters.

Firstly, they are worried about climate change. Many countries are concerned about how the climate will change due to human actions and how this will affect the peoples of the world in the longterm. So, regardless of personal beliefs, it’s often a good idea to worry about green matters if only because everyone else does and PR is a critical part of any business’ success.

Secondly, sustainability is a concern because fossil fuels like oil will not last forever and do not really come back since the processes that created them in the first place take vast amounts of time to occur. The way the public views how a company does with finding energy sources that are renewable like wind or solar is likely going to be more and more important going forward.

Initial Steps

Some initial steps that companies can participate in to help with their PR and their bottom line include installing efficient lights, for example. Many companies simply leave their lights on all night because it’s easier. This is a waste of energy that shrinks margins and it’s also bad for the environment, without even mentioning how it looks to others.

It’s a simple matter, generally speaking, to go in there and add an efficient system to make sure that lights are only on when they are needed. Another thing that you can do related to this is to install skylights to use natural lighting during the day. This makes use of the light that exists all around us anyway, so that there’s less waste in terms of having to use energy for an area that’s already lit.


Paper can be expensive when you think of all the different things you need to record. It’s often a nightmare to organize anyway with old filing cabinets or whatever other system you use. As a result, it’s a good idea to make everything as digital as you can. There are programs you can use for electronic signatures in an official capacity nowadays, so you don’t have to use paper for anything at all.

As paper can often destroy trees which produce the oxygen that we literally need to breathe.


Transportation is another big thing that can really suck a business dry. When people fly or drive a car halfway across the country to meet with each other since we live in such a global society now, the resources burned for just a room full of people to all be in the same place can be astronomical. The key thing to do here is to ask yourself whether you really need to be physically in the same room or not. Without a doubt, there may be times when this is necessary. However, in a general sense, it’s often not needed. Instead, you can do teleconferencing of some variety or another. There are many video programs out there that can make everyone feel like they are in the same room even if they are not. This will also go a long way towards cutting back on the amount of money you have to expend as a business in order to get your general operations completed.

Bottled Water

The truth is that a lot of bottled water isn’t that much more high-quality than the regular filtered tap water you can have access to as a business. All of that plastic is an amazing waste and bad for the environment since it’s made from oil. Therefore, you are expending oil just to drink water when there’s water available right next to you. This is added to the fact that bottled water is often expensive, especially when people are drinking a few of them per day. It’s bad for your business, it’s bad for the environment, it can be bad PR and it’s completely pointless.


Getting people who are going to the same place to share a ride can help out employees of a business, and it’s also an effective way to help reduce carbon emissions and use of fossil fuels on that level as well.


In cases where paper absolutely has to be used because there isn’t any other way to do it yet, it’s important to recycle whenever you can. Paper will probably come in just from mail if you don’t get it from any other place. You can still recycle this paper in order to do your part as a business, for example. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to try to recycle anything else that can be recycled such as bottles, other plastic, glass, or anything else that you can recycle if at all possible.

Other Considerations

There are a hundred ways to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your margins as a business. Even just trying to do your transportation through the sea instead of over land or in the air can help. Ocean transportation is one of the greenest ways to do it because of its efficiency. This is mostly due to the fact that the heavy items are resting on the ocean which naturally reduces the difficulty in moving them.


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How Businesses Can Adapt to the New World

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