How To Find The Market Value Of Any Home

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When you are planning to buy or sell a home, you must judge the market value for yourself. Sellers can tell you anything they want, and buyers may not realize the proper value of a home when making an offer. You can use the tips below to judge the value of a property, how to avoid homes with poor valuation, and how to make an offer that is commensurate with the value of the home.

What Does The Property Look Like?

When you arrive at any home, you need to look over the landscaping and general appearance of the property. The home may be beautiful on the inside, but the property itself may look frightening. Also, the home may be in a less-desirable area. Homes that are in bad areas of town are less valuable by default, and you may not want to live in that area. 

Review The Interior

Your personal taste plays a part in choosing a new home, and you may value certain decorations over others. You may love a home that is decorated with retro fittings and wallpaper, or you may feel the home is outdated. These are cosmetic issues that you must mention to the seller. 

Check The State Of The Pipes And Plumbing

You should check the state of the pipes and plumbing to ensure the home is not falling apart. Homes may use substandard pipes because they were built during a certain time period. You may avoid these homes altogether, or you might offer less money because you need to pay to replace those pipes.

Old toilets, showers, tubs, sinks, and fixtures will lower the value of any home. Damage or stains in these fixtures lower the price of the house, and anything that is missing must be replaced. You can continue to subtract value from the home based on other problems you find such as carpentry issues, mold, or a faulty roof.

Check The Wiring

You can check the wiring to ensure the circuit breaker box is up-to-date. When the wiring is in poor condition, you may not want to wait to rewire the entire house. If you want to buy the house, the value will drop sharply because you are paying for so many repairs.

What Does The City Or County Consider The True Value Of The House?

When you are searching for a house, you can check public records for the house. The city or county will assign a value to the house when they calculate the property taxes. If the city or county has assigned an unusually high value to the house, you may not want to buy it.

Paying too much in property taxes every year will drain your finances, and you do not want to lose money because of a simple tax issue. If you want the house to be appraised once again, you can use that valuation to make an offer on the home. You can look for a home that has already risen in value, or you might choose homes that are in a county where the property taxes are lower.

You can move to an area where all property taxes or lower, or you may need to find properties that are exempt from certain property taxes. Also, you may be exempt if you are over 65, homeschool your children, or plan to use the property to manage a business.

Check The Home Prices In The Area

You can check the prices of the homes in the area to determine an average price for the community. You should use this average to make an offer on the house. Some homes are completely different because they have certain features that raise their value. If a home has a pool, a nice fence, a lovely garden, or a massive garden, the house will be more valuable. 

If the roof on the house is new, the home’s value will rise. If the paint is fresh, the value of the house will rise. You can use the amenities and prices in the area to make an offer on a new home. You can use the evidence that you have found to make an offer, and you can cite that evidence when you make an offer. Some people have evidence that will convince the seller to lower the price, or the seller may not want to lower the price at all.

Are You Investing In Property?

You can invest in rental properties that will help you make money every month. You could buy cheaper properties that will help you save money, and you can make lower offers because you need to make changes to the house immediately. You might tell the seller that you are investing in the house as a rental property, that will explain why your offer is lower. 

You Should Hire An Agent

You should hire an agent who will help you determine the value of the property. An agent might know the history of the property, and they can tell you when the property is not selling, has dropped in value, or has a bad history. You can pick a much cheaper house that has a long history, and you can save money by purchasing only the cheapest or oldest homes in the area.

Your agent can make offers for you, and the agent can present evidence that you have found during the search process. Most people who want to buy a house might need an agent to write the contract, and the agent can guide you through the process when you are new to buying homes.


When you are buying a home, you should calculate the market value of the house using the information above. You can invest in a new home when you know that the value is correct. You can use the evidence that you find to make an offer in each new house. Some homes are not worth your money, and you should not make an offer if the value is too low.


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How To Find The Market Value Of Any Home

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