Jobs That Let You Work At Home

Written by: Samuel Gregoth

Working at home can be a luxurious option for many people.  You don’t have a boss breathing down your neck, you can dress however you like, and the commute from the bedroom to the living room is a breeze.  Before the Internet, most work-at-home job opportunities were not very lucrative or were just outright scams.  Plenty of get-rich-quick schemes promised to let you work from home only to turn out to be pyramid schemes.

In today’s age, jobs like that certainly still exist, but there are plenty of real work-from-home jobs that pay quite well thanks to technological improvements and the birth of social media.  To learn the real from the fake, there are plenty of websites where you can find jobs that pay very well and let you work from home.  Here are just a couple of those jobs:

Freelance Writer

Being a freelance writer can be an easy and profitable way for any writer to support himself or herself.  The world is shifting to a “gig economy” where people are working on a job-to-job basis, making freelance work much more common and sought after.  This change in employment is being driven by millennials, but anyone can take advantage of freelance writing.

Freelance writing has many benefits, one of which includes getting to dictate your own workload. Most freelancers only work 36 hours a week on average, and when you work is entirely up to you.

Being a self-employed worker means that you have to pay for many things that full-time employees don’t have to such as a computer, business related travel fees, and other expenses related to your work.  Freelancers can deduct all of these added expenses from their taxes, helping you save loads of money when tax season comes.  Just make sure to keep detailed records of your work expenses in case the IRS audits you.

Websites such as Fiverr allow freelance writers to post their services on their website for buyers to purchase.  They then connect buyers and sellers based on the category of service. You can post your own rates for whatever work you want to do in areas such as content writing or even script editing.  You can also find freelance work on visits sites such as

Social Media Manager

Social media is a huge industry, and almost every business is reachable online.  Advertising has moved away from television and print and has flourished on social media.  Facebook ads and catchy Instagram posts are now the biggest ways of attracting consumers to your company.  Businesses usually have to hire someone to manage their social media accounts, and the relative newness of the position means that many companies don’t yet have designated social media managers.

A fairly decent knowledge of technology and social media is all that’s required to start seeking out jobs for social media management.  Sites like and have thousands of posts looking for social media managers.  If you’ve got a relatively large following on social media, you’re up on the game.  Try cold pitching yourself to companies that may not be actively looking for someone to manage their social media.

Virtual Assistant

Who says you need the assistant to be in the office?  With the increase in the amount of work that businesses conduct digitally, virtual assistants are on the rise.  Many businesses operate mostly online and need virtual assistants to help keep them organized.

Virtual assistant jobs can vary from business to business but usually involve various administrative, creative, and technical services.  Instead of grabbing coffee or walking the boss’ dog, you usually are tasked with things like writing emails, creating business documents, responding to inquiries, and even writing content.  Virtual assistant jobs can be found on sites like and

Call-Center Representative

While this may not be the most thrilling job out there, many businesses need someone to answer the phones at all hours.  Call-center reps help assist customers via phone or computer and are an excellent match for anyone who wants to work at home.

Sites like and list plenty of call-center representative jobs, and you can also find listings by local businesses in your local newspaper. If you’ve got experience in customer service, this may be the best choice for you.

Tips For Working From Home

Have a killer resume.  Like any job, you need a complete resume to be competitive. Include links to any online work you’ve done and any references you have that have overseen that work.

Research.  The best way to ensure you don’t fall prey to online scams is to research the business you’re applying to work for.  The Better Business Bureau can help you identify what kind of company it is, and a simple Internet search will reveal whether or not there are any negative reviews or online complaints.

Don’t spend money to make money.  Beware any work-at-home job that asks you to buy something in order to get started.  While some of these jobs can be legitimate, the vast majority are not. You can also find plenty of jobs that don’t require that initial investment, so there’s no reason to shell out the extra cash when you don’t have the same kind of protections that a regular job gives you.

Don’t work outside the system.  If you’re doing freelance work through a site that takes a percentage of what you earn, it can be tempting to respond to requests to move offsite.  After all, you’ll get 100% of your earnings, right?  Even though many legitimate employers make this offer, it instantly removes any protections the site gives you against having your work stolen. And if you’re trying to build your profile on a site, every positive review for your work that you can get goes a long way towards helping you raise your prices.  Once you’ve become more established, you can negotiate a move off the platform with buyers you trust; until then, stick with the system that’s working.


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Jobs That Let You Work At Home

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