Legit Ways To Make An Extra Income

Written by: Seth Rogers

Everybody could use a little bit of extra money every once in a while. However, picking up an extra shift or two at work may often not be possible. This could mean that many people might struggle to figure out how they can make some extra money.

While the majority of people may realize that looking online will be helpful, this presents a few problems. Perhaps the largest of these is that many of us might struggle to determine what opportunities are legitimate and what may be a scam.

Though there’s certainly a variety of scams out there, there’s also quite a significant number of high-quality opportunities. This should mean that there are plenty of ways that you’ll be able to make some extra money without interfering with your full-time job.

Should some of them go well, then it could also turn into a new profession for you. Despite how recommended many of these opportunities are, it can be challenging to find out what they are. There are a few that stand out from the others, as they can often provide much more of an income than others. 

Become An Uber Or Lyft Driver

Uber and Lyft have both become increasingly popular ways to make an income with your car. While both companies have tightened their rules and regulations in recent years, they can still be relatively simple and easy to apply for. This could mean that the majority of high-quality drivers shouldn’t have a problem signing up for them.

If you have everything you need to become an Uber or Lyft driver, however, you could make a decent extra income with it. Further enhancing this as an opportunity is that you should only have to work the hours that you want. This should mean that you’ll be able to work it around your day job. 

Make Deliveries

Driving people around isn’t the only way that you can make an income with your car. In contrast, there are a variety of places that are consistently looking for delivery drivers. Some of the more notable of these are Uber Eats and Amazon Flex, both of which offer quite flexible work hours.

This should mean that you’ll be able to make the deliveries around your current job’s hours. While you’ll need to make sure that you have a clean driving record and a decent car, you shouldn’t have too many problems when applying. Naturally, you’ll also need to have a GPS system or a good sense of direction. 

Get Freelance Work Online

The gig economy has become increasingly larger over the past few years. This has meant that there’s been a significant rise in the number of part-time or once-off jobs online. As such, you should be able to find a considerable number of ways to find an extra income online. While many of these will be relatively short-term, there is the potential for longer work.

There’s a variety of places where you’ll be able to find this kind of work. Perhaps the largest of these are UpWork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, among others. Typically, jobs on these platforms will focus on a few specific areas, such as marketing, programming, and design.

However, there’s also a wealth of options that are slightly less specialized, such as data entry and being a personal assistant. This could mean that there’ll be opportunities for almost anybody to make an extra income. It should be noted that it may take a while to generate a significant income this way, though. 

Try Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

While an increasing number of companies have looked toward automation as the way of the future, there’s still a wealth of jobs that need a human touch. Many firms have started outsourcing these roles through different services, with one of the more common being Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

However, it should be noted that many of these jobs can often be quite tedious. Some of the more common tend to be tagging photos and transcribing videos, among others. Despite this, they can still be an effective and simple way to make an extra income online.

One of the more notable benefits of this is that many of them shouldn’t take too long to do. In most cases, tasks can range from a few minutes in length to a few hours. As such, you should be able to spend as much or as little time on this as you want, which could be quite a large benefit. 

Sign Up For TaskRabbit

Quite a large number of people like putting together furniture and fixing a variety of small problems. This is something that you could turn into an extra income, as several websites help people make a living as a handyman.

Perhaps the largest of these is TaskRabbit, although there are a variety of options to choose from. There can be quite a large number of jobs that you can find with this, with the majority being in your local area. These can range from cleaning to putting together furniture, to making a delivery, and much more.

As such, you should be able to find small jobs that you’re best suited to, which should mean that you’ll be able to make a decent income with it. Alongside this is that these can be done almost anytime.

Naturally, most people will have to spend a certain amount of time figuring out which opportunities they might want to take advantage of. Much of this is because you’ll have to determine which ones might be better-recommended for you and your circumstances.

Despite this, each of the above should be effective ways to make an extra income. You should make sure that you spend some time researching them beforehand, however. This is because some might take much more time and effort than others.

Alongside this, there are some income opportunities that you may be better suited to, with this being driven by your skills and much more. As such, spending some time debating the pros and cons of each potential income source is highly suggested. By doing so, you’ll be able to find the right one for you.


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Legit Ways To Make An Extra Income

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