Revolutionary Ideas and Possibilities That Startups Bring with Them

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There have been some pretty interesting startups that have come to the attention of the public recently. Each of them is in a slightly different field and is addressing a different problem. Here are a few of these startups and a little about each of them and what they can do for you and the public at large.


One of the most interesting startup companies of the past few years is called Acorns. It’s an app that helps with saving and investing. What you do with this app is connect it to your credit card and debit card, and then Acorns will make it so that you can round up all of your purchases to the nearest dollar. Then, it takes this excess money and adds it into an investment portfolio. The app was founded in 2012, but it’s recently come more into prominence recently. The invested amount at the present day is upwards of over a billion dollars. There are more than a million accounts on it. This makes it easier for people in the present day to invest a little money without having to overthink it all too much. It appears to be gaining more and more traction as time goes on, and it’s of particular interest to layman. Trying to understand all the intricacies of investment isn’t something that many regular people aspire to in general, so having a simple app that can draw money from their accounts in a simple to understand and expedient way, and then distribute this money among sound ivestments that are relatively low risk is a fairly appealing idea to them. It’s a fairly universally appealing idea, especially to younger generations.


This one is also a bit older, but coming more into prominence in the present day. Instcardt is a same-day grocery delivery service. It lets customers order on the Internet or right from their smartphones. You can actually get stuff delivered in a single hour. The company has continued to raise funding, and it now is well past $3 billion in value. This is fortituous due to the fact that there’s a lot of demand these days for faster and faster delivery in general. The app startup is sure to continue to grow in popularity is the days go by here.


There is 6.5 milion dollars of funding for the Dandelioon startup from Ground Up Ventures. This startup uses geothermal pumps to get energy far below the earth which allows houses to warm or cool for each season by either dispersing heat throughout the ground during the summer to cool the house, or getting heat from the ground to make it warmer in the winter. The idea is to cut down on the need to get fuel by truck since it’s costly and inefficient. The idea is that getting heat from a geothermal pump is much simpler and more economical in general.

Class Dojo

Another startup from a few years ago that’s really just hitting its stride now, this app allows teachers and students to find eachother. The app can also help parents stay appraised of how their children are doing. The app startup is now in more than 180 different countries. The company has produced an app that has all sorts of features, like allowing parents to join any class using whatever device they want. It also makes it so that parents know when not to bother you because you’ve created a quiet hours period.

The startup app lets videos, announcements, photos and other messages can flow freely from one person to another.


This startup is focused on crypto. IT’s actually received more than 15 million dollars or so. Many experts say that it’s one of the most significant startups of the year. The idea is to take cryptocurrencies and make them more mainstream by connecting them to banks. The leader of the startup is actually a banker by profession, originally. The ultimate goal of a startup like this is to replace current fiat currencies with crypto instead.


Another cryptocurrency startup, this one is a bit like Acorns but for Cryptocurrency instead. The app produced by this startup will automatically invest spare change from transactions on debit cards and credit cards and investing it in the crypto of your choice. This includes Ethereum, LiteCoin, BitCoin Cash, and others. So, anyone who would rather invest in crypto than more traditional investments will likely enjoy the app produced by this startup.


This startup creates automated litter boxes that can clean themselves. It monitors how much litter is in the box, what kind of shape is in, how long the cat takes to do their business, and so on. All of this information is sent to the owner’s phone through an app. This startup is one of the best funded pet-themed startups around. It only asked for $50,000 but instead received more than one and a half million dollars. The startup is already starting to set up and offer services to cat lovers around the world.


Another interesting company that’s an up and coming startup is called Botsify. This app makes it so that creating a Chabot is easier. The service allows you to make Facebook chat bots using an automated system. So, any company, group or even an individual can just set up their own chat bot with just a click or two. There’s no need for code. The user can add in whatever questions or customizations that they want.

Overall, there’s a startup for just about every topic these days, and there are a lot of interesting ones worth checking out for those who like to stay on the cutting edge of technology and other new developments. It’s going to be an interesting future coming upon all of us, this is the absolute truth of the situation.


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