The Best Ways To Succeed In Your Career

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Whether working in an office building or trying to make it as an actor in Hollywood, everyone wants to get ahead in his or her career,   But how do you get ahead when it seems like there are so many other people who are all fighting to achieve the same thing?

There are certain things that employers look for when considering whether or not to give promotions or pay raises.  If you want to move forward in your career, follow these tips and you’ll be sure to get the right kind of attention at work.

Always Arrive Early

Reliability is one of the biggest things people look for in an employee.  While being early may not get you noticed, it will certainly prevent you from being seen as unreliable.  Unfortunately, bosses don’t normally pay the most attention to people who are punctual, but they absolutely notice the ones who are consistently late.  If you make a habit of showing up early you can avoid this pitfall and keep your standing in the eyes of the boss.

Being early also has the added benefit of giving you extra time with your superior, often time spent alone where you can establish more of a dialogue with them.  Take advantage of these moments to present yourself as an engaged employee interested in the workings of the company.  If you show up early enough to be present for an interaction that you otherwise wouldn’t be, you can take advantage of the extra time by increasing your access to your superior.

Network And Keep Networking

A huge part of building a career is networking with as many people in that same field as possible. Whether it’s someone like you who’s trying to break in or someone who can be in a position to help you, the more people you know the better.  Make a habit of taking down the name and contact information of everyone you meet in your career as well as some additional information about him or her to follow up on.  Then reach out within the next week or so to touch base about that information, establishing a relationship and hopefully a business connection.

Networking can help you to build a positive reputation for yourself and get your name out there to as many people as possible.  The more people know who you are, the more opportunities you open yourself up to for advancement in your career.  Even someone who you think has nothing to offer can end up providing you with a way forward.  Just be sure that you’re being authentic, because people can sense when your interest in them is solely out of a desire to network.  Try and seek a genuine connection that you can then build from.

Go Above And Beyond

People rarely give promotions to employees that they don’t see as growth seeking.  To stand out as someone looking for advancement in their career, you’ll have to do more than just show up.  Take great care in everything that you do, give it your full attention and do your best rather than just the bare minimum.  Even if you don’t feel like anyone’s watching, you never know when someone might be.

Personal initiative is a requirement for a good employee, and your superior will notice if you make a habit of wasting time at work.  Your reputation suffers, coworkers grow resentful at your laziness, and your boss writes you off as a slacker.  People who consistently go above and beyond are regarded as reliable and productive, and always get rewarded for it in the end.

Keep An Eye Out For Opportunities

You never know when a moment will come along for you to show off your abilities in the workplace. Any time that there’s a crisis or a need for someone to step up is your opportunity to shine.  If you leap at every opportunity to present itself, you make yourself stand out as a go-getter.  Whether it’s the opportunity to work an event or a new job posting, you can only take advantage of it if you’re plugged in and paying attention.

And don’t be afraid to look outside of work as well.  Networking events for people in your industry can be a great way to see what else is out there.  Make a habit of perusing other job postings regularly so that you can see if anything is right for you.  While staying with the same company for a while has its benefits, you may find the best opportunity for growth comes from shifting to a new job.  You’ll only know if you look out for it.

Seek Advice From Successful People In Your Career

The key to success can be found in seeking the best advice from people who have achieved success in that same field.  If you’re lucky enough to find someone you trust willing to mentor you, absolutely take advantage of that.  Mentors are a great way to gain the ability of hindsight by avoiding the mistakes that your mentor made.

Offer what help you can to your mentor, but very often you’ll find that most mentors are more than willing to offer their guidance to someone if they’re truly willing to learn.  Ask questions and listen to what they have to say, because the advice of someone who has succeeded in what you want to do is invaluable.

Even if you can’t find someone to fully mentor you, you can still take advantage of the knowledge of successful people in your career.  Whether it’s a question at a networking event, a business lunch where you pick their brain, or even a quick email, you can always find people willing to impart to you some of the things they’ve learned.  And you don’t have to do everything that everyone tells you, either. The best part about advice is that it’s yours to do with what you will; you can take it or leave it.


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The Best Ways To Succeed In Your Career

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