Top Places to Visit in Canada This Year

Are you ready to explore one of the largest cities in Canada? In this article, we’re going to discuss six of the capital cities in the great northern country. In order to have a good experience visiting one of these Canadian metropolitan areas, you should take time to research advice and tips from other experienced travelers.

We’ve been driving through the country for the past decade because our family loves to explore the great outdoors. We’ve visited these exciting cities with our children, so I decided to put together a guide for anyone who is interested in traveling through Canada.

Our List of Great Cities to Visit in Canada

  • 1) Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Top Sights in Halifax:

    If you’re looking for a good city to visit in Canada, Halifax has a lot of interesting places. Be sure to check out the downtown skyline of the city, and visit Crystal Crescent Beach when you need a good place to stroll.

    Travel Advice for When You Arrive:

    If you visit Halifax in the summer, you should expect warm weather; be sure to bring a pair of sandals for the beach. The precipitation levels for this part of Nova Scotia are relatively high, so you may wish to bring an umbrella as well.

    Travel Tips for Exploring the Area:

    The architecture throughout this city is worth noting. You will experience several styles of homes throughout the city, including Victorian houses in the South End of Halifax.
  • 2) Fredericton, New Brunswick

    Top Sights in Fredericton:

    Fredericton is a great city to visit when you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of large municipalities. It’s on the Nashwaak River, so adventurous families will enjoy fishing for salmon. This city has a population that’s under 60,000 people, but there are a plethora of astonishing cathedrals and government buildings to visit.

    Travel Advice for When You Arrive:

    If you visit during the fall, you will be able to take part in the well-known Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival. This part of the province also hosts some of the brightest visual artists in New Brunswick.

    Travel Tips for Exploring the Area:

    Apart from the efficient bus system, residents and visitors to Fredericton are able to enjoy large sections of the Trans-Canada Trail, a network of trails that runs throughout the country.
  • 3) Ottawa, Ontario

    Top Sights in Ottawa:

    Since Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, there’s no wonder why there are nearly one million people living in this exciting city. Visitors should stop in Downtown Ottawa for a beverage, or you could visit the sprawling government buildings at the Centre Block on Parliament Hill.

    Travel Advice for When You Arrive:

    If you enjoy cultural exhibitions, then you must visit the National Gallery of Canada in order to see one of the largest sculptures of a spider. The piece, Maman, is a stainless steel and bronze work of art by Louise Bourgeois.

    Travel Tips for Exploring the Area:

    It’s easy to get around in Ottawa because this city has a bus system and rail system that operates every day of the week. There are also several pathways for hiking and cycling through the area.
  • 4) Toronto, Ontario

    Top Sights in Toronto:

    There are plenty of wonderful sights to take in throughout the city of Toronto, including the historic Gothic mansion called Casa Loma. Visitors will enjoy taking a ride over the Prince Edward Viaduct System, and be sure to take a look at the city’s downtown area to take part in the thriving nightlife.

    Travel Advice for When You Arrive:

    Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in Canada. Technically, over half of the residents in this city are part of a minority. This is because Toronto is a city that has a history of taking in immigrants from other countries. While most people in the city speak English, there are several different ethnic populations within Toronto.

    Travel Tips for Exploring the Area:

    This is an interesting city for people who enjoy learning about history. While visiting this city, you should pay special attention to historical exhibitions. There were several interesting periods in Canadian history when immigrants from countries around the world flocked to Toronto.

    For more information on the culture of Toronto, take a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum. Other museums worth noting include the Institute of Contemporary Culture, the Museum of Inuit Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Toronto.
  • 5) Victoria, British Columbia

    Top Sights in Victoria:

    Tourists in this great city will relish in seeing the Canadian Pacific coast. Sights throughout the city include Craigdarroch Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, and several government municipality buildings. Also, we loved taking a close look at the awe-inspiring Fisgard Lighthouse.

    Travel Advice for When You Arrive:

    It’s worth noting that the winter months in Victoria have extremely high rainfall. If you are planning to visit the city during the winter, you should pack accordingly. Overall, Victoria is perceived to have a mild climate.

    Travel Tips for Exploring the Area:

    When you visit one of the oldest cities in Canada, you need to take a moment to examine the historic buildings that have been properly maintained. This is an attractive Canadian city, and the tourists usually embrace the boating lifestyle of its inhabitants.