Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career

Written by: Lilly Cobal

When a person is looking to change careers or to find an advanced position they may not know where to look or where to begin. There is some career advice to help a person continue to grow in their current field or to start a career in the new field and using their experience to help them get ahead.

Learn New Skills
Even if you were not working at your dream job you should use this employment experience as the chance to gain new skills and experience. You will learn something from every job you have and you should value the skills and lessons that you learned at your place of employment. You can also use these skills on a resume and speak about them during an interview.

Make Connection
Most people find out about new employment opportunities and get jobs through networking and making connections with other professionals. Everyone that you meet both on the job and off the job can be a potential lead or connection for a new employment opportunity. Always be polite and respectful to people in all areas of your life. You never know when you will see them again and when a new opportunity will present itself.

Be Professional
Even if you are not happy in your current situation you need to be professional and dress for the job at all times. You need to be polite and respectful to your boss and coworkers. You never know when they will be called upon to provide a reference for you. You should be on time to work if not early. You should also dress the part. If you work in an office setting you must look professional even if you do not feel you are valued. Looking at the part will help you learn how to have a positive attitude and be a good team player.

Avoid Social Media Bashing
If a person has a bad day at work the worst thing they can do is go online and speak badly about their company, coworkers, or managers. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are not places to vent. Word can get back to the current managers. When a hiring manager does a search on the candidate and they see that you have been speaking poorly of others on social media they will pass you by for this job.

Speak Up
If you have an idea for improvement or advances do not be afraid to speak up and tell others about it. You can talk at a staff meeting or you can take some time and talk to your boss about your idea. You will be heard and your idea may even be used.

Ask for Clarification
If you do not understand something it is okay to ask for clarification. Asking for additional information and details shows that you are interested in the project. It also shows you are willing to accept the help and advice of others. You do not have to know everything. If you do not ask for follow up questions you may do the project or report incorrectly and this can lead to more trouble.

Accept Feedback
Feedback is not meant to hurt your feelings or tell you that you are not doing your job well. feedback is designed to help you improve your work methods and do a better job. Feedback is not meant to hurt you and should not be taken personally. Feedback should be used for improvement and you can take the suggestions but not the delivery method to heart.

Get a Mentor
When a person first starts with a company they are often assigned a mentor. If your company does not offer a mentor to seek one out of your own and use this opportunity to learn more about the job and learn how to do things efficiently. A mentor has been in the field for many years and they have advice on guidance on how to complete the work efficiently. They may also have additional information on how to do things and how things work at the company. They can also be a valuable reference down the road. A person can work with the mentor and get a reference for a position for advancement in the company you currently work for or a company that you would like to work for.

Be Nice
This may seem like something simple but is often overlooked at work. You need to be nice to everyone you come in contact with. This includes the receptionists, the cleaning staff, and other team members. You will get a lot further if you have a positive attitude and are nice to people. No one wants to work with someone that is nasty and is going to put them down.

Do Not Give Up
There is a good chance in your career that you will not get the job you want or you will be passed up for the promotion. Everyone hears the word no at times and this is just a factor of life. You will need to keep on moving forward and not let this rejection keep you down and keep you in the right direction.

These are some career tips and advice that you should follow. These tips will help you get ahead in your career or will allow you the chance to start a new career. These tips will help you become a valued member of the career field and will allow you to become an important part of the organization.


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Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career

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